Our Why

It all started when I realized how hot it is here in Arizona and for a long season.  They call it the valley of the sun and there’s no doubt about that I’m sure! Then I married an amazing man Andy, he is an outdoor extreme sport enthusiast.  I liked the idea of being outdoors hiking and running on the endless and beautiful trails. I didn’t realize how hot felt.  Andy loves to run on the trails, he is an ultramarathon trail runner!  Although this sounds grandiose and fantastic the truth is he’s turning 50 years old soon.  The biggest concern I had was for his skin and his heart.  I felt compelled to do something, I am his wife!  I started by purchasing other products,  try this and try that and hope it delivers but nothing worked.  Andy as a trail runner our in the extreme weather would go from low altitudes to high.  This change could be anywhere from 20-40 degrees from bottom to top of mountain. So, I took it into my own hands and I created a coating that literally blocks the heat and cold. I used a basic cap style to start and then I gave it to him.  He used it often in the heat when low and on the top.  He loved it!  Then we streamlined the much more aerodynamic design for a hiker or runner!  I created the other products since they just made sense.  Protect Person, Home and Car products to help us all not just survive but thrive in the intense heat!