How to Survive the hot season of Summer!

Arizona has unique weather that’s very hot year-round compared to the rest of the country. Our extreme hot Arizona summers are not to be envied due to constant three-digit temperatures. Sun exposure is a very real danger. Living here poses many challenges to beating the heat when you’re going to work, going shopping, sunbathing, or just being outdoors! As a result, it can be hard staying safe in the summer heat.

How do you keep cool in the desert heat?

When going to work, we park our cars on a hot day to temps inside rise to 197-200 degrees, contributing to sun damage. We need to take special care shopping and running errands in this heat, which can turn a car into an oven in as short as 20 minutes flat.

How to keep your parked car cool this summer?

When running errands it becomes a race to get home with your groceries before they get too warm to be edible. We typically place these groceries in a hot trunk with no air conditioning for the ride home with one or two more errands on the way. This is a formula for bacteria growth and ruining our newly purchased perishables.

How can you keep groceries safe from the heat?

In your role as a family caregiver providing home care, going grocery shopping for your elderly loved one is likely something that you do frequently. This may even be one of the tasks that you put little thought into, simply doing it when you have the chance in the rest of your schedule and getting it done as quickly as possible…

How do we live in this heat?

When we go to a pool, sport or any outdoor event we hide under a canopy but the heat still is surrounding us and making it an oven. We wear hats only to sweat while the sun is making the surface of our hat hotter. We can run but we can’t hide from the extreme heat index and radiant heat. This makes outdoor events sun protection even more critical.


 We help you make the most out of life

Do you love the outdoors and are looking for effective ways to protect yourself from the sun? We have great news for you. You have come to the right source of sun protective answers that offer sun protection solutions. We help you deal with the heat and sun damage so you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activity. Our goal is to make your life more healthy by providing you with superior quality sun protective solutions. We want you to go out there and love the sun without the stress and worry.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause many health problems. It can damage the skin, eyes, and hair. It also causes headaches and migraine. In some cases, it triggers other illnesses and diseases of the body. Skin cancer is the most damaging threat it can pose to anybody. And nobody wants that, especially us we are here to help. We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that help fulfill your goal to stay safe and cool.   Our firm commitment proves that we are one with you in your passion for the great outdoors. Whatever your lifestyle may be, we offer a wide variety of solutions that are suitable for your health and wellness needs. Whether you love basking in the sun for some tanning, playing in the park with your kids on a perfectly sunny day, playing golf or going fishing with your friends, we have the right solutions you need to enjoy a day of adventure under the sun.

Here we offer more than just sun protective solutions. We want to give you a life you can enjoy. Take a walk with your partner on the beach. Stroll in the park with your elderly. You can run and play with your children in the yard. Perhaps travel with your friends and see the world. Nature is a vast playground waiting for you to explore.

So go out there and make the most out of life. We got your back here at Block 4 Elements!


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