Block 4 Elements: Redefining Cool with Revolutionary Heat-Blocking Tech

Our Mission: To unleash the boundless potential of human experiences by conquering the ever-present foe: heat. We achieve this through revolutionary nanotechnology treatment into innovative fabrics that don't just mask heat, they actively block it. This is a game-changer, a paradigm shift in the world of sun adding heat protection.

Breakthrough Nanotechnology:  We are breaking the heat barrier.  No longer settle for flimsy shades and lukewarm misters. Block 4 Elements harnesses the power of cutting-edge nano-fabric that literally repel up to 50% of radiant heat. Imagine hiking in Death Valley feeling like you're strolling through a park – that's the Block 4 Elements difference. Our advanced fabric is more than just cool, it's a shield against the blistering sun's heat, allowing you to push past thermal barriers and embrace adventure like never before.

Block 4 Elements Unveils Revolutionary Nanotech Fabric That Actively Blocks Heat

Phoenix, Arizona   Prepare to experience the future of cool. Block 4 Elements, a cutting-edge innovator in sun protection, today unveils its groundbreaking nanotech fabric that doesn't just mask heat, it actively blocks it. This revolutionary technology fabric inspired from N.A.S.A that effectively blocks heat disrupts the $3.3 billion heat stress management market, offering unmatched comfort and performance for anyone seeking escape from the scorching sun and heat.

"We're thrilled to introduce this game-changing fabric that redefines what's possible in heat protection," said Cynthia Mcbreen, Founder and CEO of Block 4 Elements. "Our proprietary nanotechnology treatment on the fabric literally repels up to 50% of radiant heat, creating a noticeable and sustained cooling effect that empowers people to push their limits and embrace adventure like never before.”

We admire our senior community for getting out and playing Pickleball, golf and hiking out in the warmer temp’s. Arizona has more dermatologists than in other states due to the potential skin damage of just living here, especially among our seniors.  They are the most susceptible to the extreme heat living in Arizona day to day.  

There are concerns with continually rising heat every summer. And regarding premature deaths from the heat; stroke, exhaustion, dehydration, prickly heat and serious sun burn can be a silent killer if not properly managed.  Most times the heat is so unbearable we truly can't go out in it. This inhibits our quality of life in Arizona and other hot climates but it doesn't have to anymore, we've found a solution that really works.

We want to help the outdoor working employee community who have to deal with the heat for their job.  It is very challenging to work, keep up productivity, stay dehydrated, stay positive in 110 degrees.  110 is not just the temp outside, it's the constant building radiant heat, that becomes unbearable for our employee's causing OSHA incidents.

Unlike traditional cooling solutions that rely on evaporation or reflection, Block 4 Elements' fabric actively absorbs and redirects heat away from the wearer. This translates to:

  • Unprecedented cooling effect: Stay comfortably cool even in the harshest environments, from scorching deserts to sweltering cityscapes.
  • Durability and breathability: The fabric is lightweight, made with mesh and is breathable, and built to move with you, ensuring all-day comfort and long-lasting performance.
  • Sustainability: Made with water-based, eco friendly materials and responsible manufacturing practices, Block 4 Elements is committed to eco-conscious innovation.

The company's initial product line features innovative gear designed for a variety of activities, including:

  • Amphibian Adventure Hat: Hike Death Valley without breaking a sweat, conquer demanding workouts, or explore the hottest landscapes with unwavering comfort.
  • ArmDguards Arm Sleeves: Shield your arms from relentless heat and harmful UV rays while gardening, biking, playing sports, or enjoying any outdoor adventure.
  • Cool Cell Phone Protector: Keep your phone cool and running smoothly, even in the sun's grip, preventing laggy screens, auto turn off and scorching palms.
  • Coming soon: ArmRdillo Shirts & shorts.

Block 4 Elements is more than just a brand, it's a movement of Sun Rebels who refuse to let heat dictate their potential. We can’t control the weather but we can control the heat roast and remove it. There is nothing that exists that blocks heat, it’s not been invented until now! We solve a huge problem in hot states with longer summers. This moderates your body temperature keeping you 50% cooler. Join the revolution and experience the future of much cooler today.

About Cynthia:  Cynthia Mcbreen has a scientific background and has been an inventor since 19 yrs old. She has designed and invented products that improve daily living; thus Concepts 4 Living was birthed. Invented nano-tech formulas that control temperatures inspired by N.A.S.A., easily combined with fabric therefore inventing a new high tech, water based, eco-friendly fabric for wearable products.  

Please contact me at or call 623 231 7253 if you would like to set up a phone or in-person interview with me.  

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