What does UPF mean?  How does it rate? What are the advantages and disadvantages to SPF?  And IS there another way to just BLOCK HEAT INDEX??  Let’s find out together.

Well it’s my fine pleasure to answer these intriguing questions to many of you out there who are “curious” like me or just want to learn more.  UPF is a term for rating sun protection for clothing means indicates how much UV (UVA & UVB )radiation can reach your skin.  There are many factors that determine the rating of the number that follows 20, 50, 100.  It has to do with a combination of color, construction and content of the material used.  This combination is keeping the UV rays from reaching the skin.  Color needs to be dark (not see through) or bright (reflection abilities) to be the best.  Construction density of the woven cloth; denim, canvas, wool or synthetic fibers.  The way to check is to hold them up in the light, if see through then UV will come through to skin.  Content is various fibers and what properties may help with blocking UV rays.  A couple of good examples is unbleached cottons that contain LIGNINS and act as UV absorbers.  Shiny polyesters reflect UV.  High tech fabrics chemically treated have UV absorbers.

Now lets talk about the disadvantages and why this may not be right for you.  I understand it’s HOT you may not want to add a single layer more of anything when it’s 115 degrees!!! Hey neither do I, instead I just use things that block the heat.

Disadvantage: Activity:  We all get active when outside and sweat but as we sweat (or swimming) this UPF material gets wet and is much less effective.  WHY? Light can now get through.  

Disadvantage: Washing:  We all know we must wash it but who expected it to loose it’s UPF value? Every time you wash it you loose a bit more of it’s UPF protection.  Wow bummer!

It’s up to the Blocking Heat Index to Save the Day! Or not?

Well, with regards to blocking heat it’s more than just a material, what color it is or how thick it is......The good news is this material that we create is a proprietary coating that is on top of the material of the hat.  It’s actually blocks all rays and not just that, it blocks about half the heat.  Wow!  That’s a big claim how does it do that?  Well, I can tell you that there are ingredients within the coating that absorb, reflect and insulate at the same time, thus blocking half the heat.  Stopping the harmful radiation right in it’s tracks before it hits your body.

Disadvantages? There really are not any except it requires breath ability areas on the garment to allow proper sweating.

Hey, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you today! I hope you enjoyed this blog.......there are many more to come.  The next one I will be speaking about the different types of personal cooling materials out there and how they all compare.  The next blog will be a fun one and I hope you can join me soon.

See you and have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

Yours Truly,



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