We help you make the most out of your summers!

We help you make the most out of your summers!

Most of the country enjoys their summers as we have three digit temperatures, it challenging.  The major problem is that it's extremely hot temperatures for the majority of the summer. It's not practical nor logical to go outside in these extreme temperatures. However, this is what we must do daily despite the heat.   

It's hard to live every day life from working, parking your car, shopping, running errands with the family.

It makes us feel very helpless and can be endangering if we spend more than 20 minutes outdoors in the hot summer months.

It's wrong but mother nature is what we all are up against and there has honestly has not been a reasonable solution to deal with this heat.

We can feel helpless and challenged if we stayed out too long in the heat. We are tired of getting overheated and prickly heat, heat exhaustion or a skin damaging sun burns.

I have searched for many years to solve the problem in my own life of this tremendous heat problem in the summer. I have created a special formulated surface on every one of my products that block up to 80 degrees of heat. Products for Personal, Home and Car.

Start your day right with our sun protection products for your personal coolness in any outdoor setting. As you move along your day and running errands use our car protection products to keep your car 80 degrees cooler. Keep your food safe and cooler much longer with our food protection products. We know you want to stay cool and have fun in the sun this summer season!

Don't get a hot head! Or a car that rises to 200 degrees in 20 minutes, food spoiling in a hot trunk while your running errands!
Don't get frustrated feeling helpless that you can't change the hot summer months! Now you can make a change to keep your family cool in the extreme hot summer months all season long! Say goodbye to a hot car, spoiled groceries, prickly heat, heat exhaustion and sunburn!

Imagine living a much cooler fun life this hot summer season. You and your family stay much cooler and avoid sunburn wearing our Amphibian heat block hat while you go about your day. No worries food shopping, your food is safe using our North Pole Cold Coolers with our convenient detachable cells. Keep family and friends 80 degree cooler with Flip n Tuck, 1 min to apply to car.

We all have loved ones who are more sensitive to the heat who need some extra help during the hot summer months. A parent who is having skin problems and needs added protection. Small children who have tender skin and get over heated. A family or friend who works outside for many hours of the day. A gardener who loves to garden. Our products work hard to protect every day!

Enjoy summer! Stay cool & have fun in the sun today! Keep your head cool with the Amphibian hat! It's cute and in different colors. Let cold groceries stay cold with our North Pole Cold Cooler! Convenient detachable cells allow you to carry your perishables with you as you run errands. Give yourself some relief getting into your car while protecting the interior use Flip n Tuck.

Don't let that car get to 200 degrees! Or your groceries spoil while trying to run errands! Avoid heat exhaustion and sunburn.

Life was harder than we wanted in these extreme hot summer months with little we could change, we just had to deal with the heat.

Now life is much cooler and easier to get things done! We can truly have a cool fun in the sun summer! It's much more bearable to deal with the hot summer months with Block 4 Elements on your side!

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